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Formerly our wedding website, we’ve been slowly converting this to a normal blog about our normal lives.

We are not fashionable or cool enough to be lifestyle bloggers, nor is Olivia proficient enough in one craft to be giving DIY tutorials. Kyle is excellent at watching and discussing sports (and winning fantasy football leagues), which you can check out here

Hopefully (if we remember to post things) this blog will chronicle the more exciting happenings of the journey God is leading us on!  Or just the mundane stuff too (:

Thank you for stopping by!


OLIVIA, originally from Rochester, NY, is a family medicine resident at the University of Michigan. Besides working, she enjoys crafts of all kinds (sewing - check out her shop here, knitting/crocheting, calligraphy/lettering, paper crafts....) as well as baking and cooking.

KYLE, originally from Grand Rapids, MI, is busy making $$ to pay for Olivia’s student loans and to support her many hobbies- jokes! But really. Kyle has exited consulting (no more travel!) and now works for Rock Ventures in Downtown Detroit. In his spare time he loves to watch sports of all kinds, discuss sports, blog about sports, etc.

KYLE & OLIVIA met at Cornell University their freshman year, but did not start dating (or even become friends) until junior year! Kyle knew he wanted to marry Olivia from the beginning, but she needed some convincing. Fortunately, they ended up being on the same page about where their relationship was headed, and on July 12th, 2014, they got married in Rochester, NY!

Together, they enjoy cooking new things (Kyle finds the recipe, Olivia cooks, Kyle cleans up), sitting at home and watching Netflix, and doing their best to love their friends, neighbors, and the city of Ann Arbor (and now Livonia) with the love of Christ as they learn, serve, and grow at Mosaic Church.