Summer 2019

Ever since our vacation at the end of June - it’s been a busy summer!

The start of a new year in residency is always busy as we welcome the new interns and say goodbye to the outgoing residents. It’s hard to believe that it is finally here- the last year of residency - and that there is an end in sight! I (Olivia) have had six weeks in a row that included working over the weekend or a 24 hour shift - but we have been creative squeezing seeing friends, going to get-togethers, trying new restaurants, etc.

Pardon the humidity exemplified in my hair - Kyle and I tried a new restaurant in Birmingham, MI that had their own “Lobster Pound” menu this summer. We were reminiscing about our Maine trip we took during intern year :)

Pardon the humidity exemplified in my hair - Kyle and I tried a new restaurant in Birmingham, MI that had their own “Lobster Pound” menu this summer. We were reminiscing about our Maine trip we took during intern year :)

My machine in all its glory! and a mug I made for my sister in law :)

My machine in all its glory! and a mug I made for my sister in law :)

Additionally, for my birthday, I was gifted a Cricut Maker from Kyle+family - which has been my latest adventure in the world of crafting. Apparently I cannot stick with one craft and feel the urge to learn about each craft… sounds like my work profession…

Anyway! It’s been fun learning about the world of electronic die-cutting and been even more fun to make things for other people! I still have many things to learn, but the ease of creating personalized things is very exciting.

Favorite things thus far:

  • Personalized Mugs

  • Baby shower tags

  • Cake toppers

There’s still the whole world of heat transfer vinyl to explore too…. iron ons galore! One trip to Michael’s/Joann Fabrics at a time though… as Kyle reminds me :)

So what’s next?

As the end of residency is now in ~10 months, I’ve applied for my program’s one year integrative medicine fellowship. It’s another year of training, but you’re not a resident (so no more 24 hour shifts, or nights, and many more weekends!) If I’m not accepted for that, I’ll start looking for jobs and finally be a “real” working adult .

Stay tuned! In the mean time, if you are in need of personalized mugs, glasses, bottles, cake toppers, cards, things you can cut out of paper or vinyl, let me know! I would love to make more things :)

The Quest for Gluten Free Dumplings

Ever since going gluten free/severely gluten reduced (I let things like soysauce slide when going out to eat) 4ish years ago, the things I miss most are gluten filled asian noodles and dumplings. This is probably because these are harder to replicate and I find that there are many excellent GF breads and pastas out there/our homemade GF pasta comes very close. But it’s a lot harder to replicate gluten free chewy asian noodles, dumpling skins - and no, rice noodles do not count ;)

When I saw NomNom Paleo’s recipe for paleo GF dumplings, I was really excited - so this weekend before I started intensive inpatient time for residency, I decided to give it a whirl:

It was pretty labor intensive! A two day process for assembling the filling and then making the dough and wrapping the dumplings. The filling was very satisfying to make - and salting the cabbage and squeezing all of the water out was pretty magical. Kyle and I jointly worked on the dumpling rolling - but I did all the folding ;)

The wrapper is made from Cassava flour and arrowroot powder - and Cassava flour is easily the most expensive gluten free flour I have ever purchased! Arrowroot reminds me of xantham gum and it gives the dough its chewy/springy quality in absence of the gluten. It was easy to work with albeit a little bit tacky, but nothing that parchment paper couldn’t help with.

And the final product:


Verdict: Close….but not quite. The filling was excellent - but that’s not the gluten free concern ;) The wrapper itself while it seemed promising in the pre-cooked phase, came out much more chewy/thick than anticipated. It felt like too much wrapper for the filling when eating it - but when rolling it out, I don’t think I could have made it any thinner without ripping issues.

For someone that has had the pleasure of eating real dumplings, this pales in comparison, but if it’s all you’ve got - then I’d say it gets an A-OK (in the Yelp world that’s 3/5 stars, right?). I wonder if I could incorporate some of my favorite Cup4Cup gluten free all purpose flour into this recipe for the next batch to see if I could get it less gelly like in texture and more dough like in the final product.

Overall, I’m happy I tried it and now have some frozen dumplings to make for dinner on these long inpatient days the next two weeks!

Made it Monday #6

This little lamb was a long time in the making! I started this back in August when I went up to Ludington, MI for a mini-vacation, but it wasn’t completed until Christmas Eve. (Another reason why I needed that art print from the last post that said “Done is better than perfect.”)

Back in college, I was super into crocheting stuffed animals. I would share a link to an album from college winter break 2010 that contains a bunch of photos of things I made, but the rest of the non-crafting photos are just too embarrassing, so I’ll refrain from doing so…

It’s been a while since I crocheted a full stuffed animal, so when I saw some of lalylaland’s patterns, I couldn’t resist trying something new.


Like all of my adventures in crafting, it’s rare that everything goes exactly as planned. Somehow the head of this little lamb ended up ginormous - definitely bigger than it was supposed to be - which I’m not sure how it happened - but per usual, I made adjustments and just winged it in order to finish.


Overall, I was really impressed by the intricacies of the pattern (not just mindless circle crocheting like most Amigurumi patterns) and even though this didn’t come out exactly as intended, I think it’s still pretty cute :)