The Quest for Gluten Free Dumplings

Ever since going gluten free/severely gluten reduced (I let things like soysauce slide when going out to eat) 4ish years ago, the things I miss most are gluten filled asian noodles and dumplings. This is probably because these are harder to replicate and I find that there are many excellent GF breads and pastas out there/our homemade GF pasta comes very close. But it’s a lot harder to replicate gluten free chewy asian noodles, dumpling skins - and no, rice noodles do not count ;)

When I saw NomNom Paleo’s recipe for paleo GF dumplings, I was really excited - so this weekend before I started intensive inpatient time for residency, I decided to give it a whirl:

It was pretty labor intensive! A two day process for assembling the filling and then making the dough and wrapping the dumplings. The filling was very satisfying to make - and salting the cabbage and squeezing all of the water out was pretty magical. Kyle and I jointly worked on the dumpling rolling - but I did all the folding ;)

The wrapper is made from Cassava flour and arrowroot powder - and Cassava flour is easily the most expensive gluten free flour I have ever purchased! Arrowroot reminds me of xantham gum and it gives the dough its chewy/springy quality in absence of the gluten. It was easy to work with albeit a little bit tacky, but nothing that parchment paper couldn’t help with.

And the final product:


Verdict: Close….but not quite. The filling was excellent - but that’s not the gluten free concern ;) The wrapper itself while it seemed promising in the pre-cooked phase, came out much more chewy/thick than anticipated. It felt like too much wrapper for the filling when eating it - but when rolling it out, I don’t think I could have made it any thinner without ripping issues.

For someone that has had the pleasure of eating real dumplings, this pales in comparison, but if it’s all you’ve got - then I’d say it gets an A-OK (in the Yelp world that’s 3/5 stars, right?). I wonder if I could incorporate some of my favorite Cup4Cup gluten free all purpose flour into this recipe for the next batch to see if I could get it less gelly like in texture and more dough like in the final product.

Overall, I’m happy I tried it and now have some frozen dumplings to make for dinner on these long inpatient days the next two weeks!

Made it Monday #6

This little lamb was a long time in the making! I started this back in August when I went up to Ludington, MI for a mini-vacation, but it wasn’t completed until Christmas Eve. (Another reason why I needed that art print from the last post that said “Done is better than perfect.”)

Back in college, I was super into crocheting stuffed animals. I would share a link to an album from college winter break 2010 that contains a bunch of photos of things I made, but the rest of the non-crafting photos are just too embarrassing, so I’ll refrain from doing so…

It’s been a while since I crocheted a full stuffed animal, so when I saw some of lalylaland’s patterns, I couldn’t resist trying something new.


Like all of my adventures in crafting, it’s rare that everything goes exactly as planned. Somehow the head of this little lamb ended up ginormous - definitely bigger than it was supposed to be - which I’m not sure how it happened - but per usual, I made adjustments and just winged it in order to finish.


Overall, I was really impressed by the intricacies of the pattern (not just mindless circle crocheting like most Amigurumi patterns) and even though this didn’t come out exactly as intended, I think it’s still pretty cute :)

Our Annual Christmas Card

2018 in Review!


Olivia finished her intern year and moved on to become a second-year family medicine resident. She is now at the halfway point of her three-year residency, which is still quite busy, but much still more enjoyable than intern year! She loves being a family medicine physician and the opportunity to experience everything from delivering babies to inpatient medicine and outpatient clinic. As you might have known, over the summer she had a lot of health problems but is now doing a lot better. She still takes a lot of medications and checks in with her specialists frequently, but overall everything continues to head in the right direction and she thankful to be healthy and functional. She hasn’t done as many projects this year, but a major quilt was finished! She also hosted a residency crafternoon and recently also held a Christmas crafternoon. Her dream job if not medicine would be owning a bubble tea shop with regular crafternoon sessions.


Kyle started the year by ending his stint as a consultant and beginning a new (non-traveling) job in Detroit! His new company has been a good fit and a nice change of pace, especially with work/life balance. He does not miss 6am flights and being away from home for a good portion of the week (and neither does Olivia!). One of the perks of living in Southeast Michigan is being close to a lot of sports teams, and he definitely has taken advantage of that, attending Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, and Michigan Hockey games this year. When he’s not at a game, he is still finding time to write as a sports blogger throughout the week. Take a peek at his posts if you’re ever bored!

We moved from Ann Arbor to Livonia over the summer to help with Kyle’s commute to downtown Detroit. Our new place is quite spacious and is great for hosting! Come visit us :) We also became season ticket holders for Michigan Football this year and went to every home game! While the end of season was a little disappointing, we never saw a loss at The Big House. We continue to serve and connect with our church in Ann Arbor and have been making a lot of friends along the way.

Kyle’s family is just a couple hours away in Grand Rapids and we have made a handful of trips up there and to the cottage this year. We also spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with Olivia’s family and try to make the most of any breaks in our schedules. Most of our travel was based around weddings this year (at least one of us stood up in three weddings this summer!) and it was great to connect with so many friends and families across the country, but we did have some other fun adventures such as Olivia’s trip to Charleston and Kyle’s weekend in Colorado. We are looking forward to visiting some new places next year!