Greetings! Welcome to our new blog :)  We don’t lead a very exciting life, so there might not be many posts, but we’ll do our best.  It’s been hard to keep in touch with people, and when we run into old friends, we seem to get asked similar questions, so, we figured we would answer them here!

1. How is married life?
Married life has been great so far! The biggest change for us has been living together- we moved into a new apartment after the wedding which has a guest room with your name on it! We are learning how to share everything, from blankets to finances to chores. Ultimately, we are just happy to spend each day with each other and to grow in our love and marriage. We’re thankful for our community at church which has provided a lot of great examples of Christ centered relationships as well as demonstrations of sacrificial living every day.

2. How is medical school? Do you know what you’re going to specialize in?
Medical school is HARD WORK – but 100x better than first year! There’s more expected of you, more studying on your own – but it’s all around way more interesting, exciting, relatable, etc. – and I think not having to make the transition like in first year makes for a much smoother year (and not planning a wedding on the side too!) I don’t know what I’ll specialize in yet. We get to rotate through all the different specialities 3rd year, and I hear you change your mind a lot after each rotation ;) but for now I’m interested in something in primary care, maybe family medicine.

3. How is Kyle’s job?
After spending a year working within cybersecurity operations at JPMorgan Chase, I transitioned to a different team in the technology division. I was working four 10 hour days a week, which had some benefits, but did not match well with Olivia’s schedule. I’m now on a more typical Mon-Fri 8-5 which makes life easier for the both of us. I like my new job and my new team, and I’ve enjoyed getting to work on a variety of tasks. I won’t bore you with all the details, but one of my main areas of focus has been statistical reporting via spreadsheets (so exciting, I know!).

4. When are you having kids?
After a recent trip to Cornell and discussing the rounds of standardized testing I have to go through in medical school (Step 1, Step 2….) someone jokingly called kids “Step 7” – and yup – not for a long long long while will children be in the picture! at least that’s how we intend it to be:) we do take care of 12 pre-schoolers once a month though for 1.5 hours….


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