In Theory

Kyle likes to say "in theory...." and then list off some sports factoids/statistics that support why x, y, and z will occur in fantasy football. Sometimes, despite the facts and stats, his team still gets 36 points.

My in theory tends to be.... my grand craft idea/pinterest endeavor.  Sometimes, despite my meticulous planning, creativity, etc. - my project is horribly a bust, or just not what I expected. For every 1 good project I produce, there are probably at least 2 or 3 that have gone terribly, and I just didn't tell you about it ;)

Exhibit A: a great gift idea, almost perfectly executed

I was so excited about seekatesew's DIY bowtie - the classmate I had for secret santa is a spiffy guy who likes bowties, so I did some sleuthing to get his neck size, bought my materials, and headed over to Fayetteville Free Library to do my sewing!

Unfortunately....I somehow missed the part in the directions where you need to double the middle section length... and ended up with 3 bow ties that probably fit the neck of a toddler. Or actually, more like my wrist. I managed to salvage my classmate's bowtie, using parts of the other two to make it long enough, but now it looks a bit imperfect. >.< oops. I'll try again over Christmas break.






Exhibit B: another great gift idea, perfectly executed, not what I expected.

I was also very excited about knitting these boot cuffs - mostly as a gift to myself first, but when I finished the first one, and went to try it on with my boots, alas - my calves were too big, or my boots were too tight. Now I have 1 lonely boot cuff and I only brought myself to do 5 rows of his companion....


Exhibit C: okay this is a "what was I thinking?" kind of project

I really wanted to make a t-shirt rug. Crochet one, braid one, etc. I even collected all of my friend's old t-shirts! Instead, after braiding it and it coiling up funny and being too thick to run through the machine, I stopped that project. Then I tried arm knitting, and came up with this glorious rainbow fishnet that my sisters will not let me forget about...

Oh well - I guess not every project is instagram worthy ;)

So there you have it - some of my projects gone awry - great in theory... sometimes (a bit/very) off in real life. I guess I will stick with medical school and with that, I'm back to studying for my last test of the semester! :)