A Custom Pickleball Bag

I (Olivia) have gotten pretty into sewing over the last few months. My big Christmas gift this year from Kyle and my in-laws was a serger! It's a fancy different sewing machine that cuts and binds seams nicely, so that things look less homemade ;)  It's especially good for sewing clothes. More posts to come about that later. 

Not satisfied with cumbersome gym duffels or very expensive small bags for just a pickleball racquet, for Christmas, my family commissioned me to make a pickleball bag for my "Popo" (our mangled version of the chinese word for grandma).

Pickleball: If you haven't heard of pickleball, don't worry - I hadn't either until my grandparents moved down to Florida. It's like a mix between tennis and pingpong. The court is smaller, but there's more running that pingpong, and the racquets are smaller too.

The Goal: I attempted to make a a cute gym bag/pickle ball bag, with a slot for her racquet, a spot for her water bottle or ball cannister, and pockets for a phone/wallet.

The Method: Based on Dana's tutorial, I created the bag according to the pattern measurements, but then gave the bag some upgrades to have all the above features. This is the part where I got creative/ambitious and did some unconventional sewing techniques, I'm pretty sure. 

The outcome: It turns out, she was so pleased with the bag, that she didn't want to use it for pickleball and instead wanted to use it as her main purse! But she sent me a picture anyway showing me how she could use it for pickeball too :)