The Plant Project

I (Olivia) had this whole post about finishing third year, my likes and dislikes about third year, etc. all queued up, but then upon actually finishing third year, I decided that was enough of that (perhaps another time I'll post that one), so instead, here's a post about our plants: 

Back in February, we wrote about this idea we had to transplant some of our spider plants into different pots because it was too crowded, and the process of planting baby spider plants we cut off from the main plants into little pots. My violin teacher had done this a long time ago and given each of her students a plant, and I was hoping our project would turn out similar. 

I'm delighted to say it was a success! We (okay really just me) were so enthused, that we decided to go to Home Depot and buy many small terra cotta plants to replant more baby spider plants to give away to our missional community :) 

Our entire group was enthusiastic about taking home a baby plant (after all, we're the "college and young professionals group" meaning, we have no real children of our own to take care of, so this was a grand adventure.

We'd like to give a shout out to our fantastic missional community - it has grown and changed so much in the last year, and we are thankful to grow in faith with each of you all and the encouragement you've been to us as we see how you passionately share Jesus with the city of Syracuse! 

I know we end every post with something like "a lot of changes have been going on here - so we hope to be better about updating...." but really we do want to try :) For now, you can go read Kyle's official baseball posts (he's writing for the real deal now!) or the football posts he edits since that's where he's been updating ;)