Me Made May

I (Olivia) have been diligently studying for the USMLE Step 2 CK for the past three weeks now, and have lived most of those days in some combination of leggings, sweat pants, and other assorted comfy clothes.

In the sewing world, May is often the challenge for "#memademay" where you're supposed to wear clothes every day that you've made yourself. While I have made a lot of things over the past months, I am definitely not at this point (nor motivated to wear real clothes these days as I study). Additionally, I sent myself to Georgia to study, partially so I could be separated from my crafts ;) 

I've also come to terms with the fact that I haven't written about/posted about the clothes I've been making and I realized it's partially because I hate taking photos of myself. Sure it's easy to snap a selfie for instagram, but to actually take out the nice camera? And then run around our apartment complex to find a somewhat scenic area and not look silly?? And then try and look natural?? No thank you. 

But here I am, in Georgia, with a new haircut that currently looks nice so I should take advantage of that, plus a mom who won't say no to taking pictures. Here are two dresses I made recently (the winter/fall ones will have to wait a long time before they make it on the blog haha) - sorry for all the photos of me! 

Dress 1: Boundless Dress by Patterns for Pirates

Some details about the dress for those who care: 

This was my second time making this dress, and I love that the bodice is fully lined - aka no neck binding!  I almost put pockets in it, but was in a rush to make it (the day before I left for Georgia...), so I didn't. Next time, for sure there will be pockets :) 

Dress #2: Legends Dress by Sew Straight and Gather 

Some more details: this one had a really fancy mechanism to get the V-neck/collar-esque thing fully lined as well and I was really proud of myself for how this turned out. I found it amusing that this pattern company, which is Canadian based, had European sizing (kind of like H&M) and it teaches you an important lesson to not worry about size # and just create what will fit you! 

Overall, I'm still learning a lot with sewing - techniques, how to make patterns fit you exactly, etc. and it's been a lot of fun - a lot more fun than studying ;) Much love to my husband (and in-laws) for getting me a serger for Christmas, funding the fabulous fabric for all of these projects, and his encouragement for every messed up project that happened :) He's the best. 

And with that, back to studying :)