Catching Up

Not only has it been a long time since we updated, but it's been a long time since Kyle and I have seen each other for more than 3 days in a row! 

Throughout the month of June, Kyle's been on a couple of two week projects on which he wasn't able to come home - so when he came back last Friday, it was definitely a reason for celebration! 

Collectively over the past month we've been to Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, San Francisco, Connecticut, and this weekend, we added Oswego to that list! We've made the drive an hour south to Ithaca many times, but we'd never been up north to Oswego before.

Drawn by the many positives on Yelp for Rudy's Lakeside Drive, we went there to not only eat seafood but to watch the sunset on Lake Ontario. The hour long drive was totally worth it! It also gave me (Olivia) a chance to wear a new dress I had made :) - the Charleston Dress by Hey June Handmade

So as life rolls on as Olivia completes her family medicine acting internship at St. Joseph's and Kyle continues to work on projects, we are thankful for the moments that we have together and that we can enjoy God's creation together!