Self Drafted Maxi Skirt

I've been thinking about my upcoming missions trip to Nicaragua, and how for church, a below the knee skirt is advised. I don't have many of those and of the ones I do own, they're not ideal for hot and humid weather! 

I found this fabric at Joann Fabrics during their Christmas in July coupon frenzy (so many emails. so many coupons.) - and was happy about the price! Usually making maxi skirts (or dresses) is expensive since it gobbles up fabric. The nice thing about making your own clothes is that if you're small, it actually translates to cheaper clothes! I used 1.5" wide elastic, and fabric that was 54" wide (the width that the fabric came in) and the length was my waist to the floor. 

Sammy was here this week taking her OAT (the MCAT of optometry)! She helped take photos/modeled with me :) 

Kyle looked pretty spiffy that day, so we let him join in on the photos 

We're really cool. 

We're really cool. 

I'm looking forward to spraying this skirt down in permethrin ;) and wearing it in Nicaragua! 

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