Made it Monday #2

A rare accomplishment: using a piece of fabric in its entirety! This is typically not feasible because when you cut out pieces for clothes, there will always be scraps, or there will always be edges that are not usable. However, for this one piece of #riflepapercofabric I happily used every piece on my ice skating tote bag and today's featured project: a roll up pen case! (aka roll up tombow brush pen case!) 

This one was also a combination of googling roll up pencil cases, and winging it :) I chose to use elastic to hold the markers, but did not go so far to create premade loops because that would've been quite the headache making that under the sewing machine. I just made sure that with the given amount of elastic per pen, that I would be able to slide the marker in without busting the seams. 

Overall, I"m pretty pleased with this project. The plastic set cases the markers come in don't open and close very well, as the plastic is easily deformed. Additionally, I had an extra pen or two that I bought separately from the sets, so those always felt lonely not having a case to belong to! Now I have a pretty roll for my pens to call home! 

Thanks for reading :)