Made it Monday #3: Arctic Blast Edition

I'm on a roll in remembering to blog on Mondays :) Today's feature is the dress I made for my school's semi-formal event, also known as "Arctic Blast" (I must say, it sounds like it's a tenth grade dance...) 

I usually don't make fancy dresses and opt to purchase them instead, but figured why not give it a try for my last Arctic Blast?? I also got this cool fabric in Georgia at only $5/yard, so I figured if it was a total disaster, I'd repurpose the fabric ;) and make something else. 

I present: the one shoulder ruffle dress! Based on the Uptown Downtown Dress, and some self drafting and finagling to get the ruffle/one shoulder look: 

This dress was definitely a struggle to make - the sewing machine ate the fabric several times, it was too floppy, the first ruffle was all wrong - but Kyle is a good encourager/I waited until the last minute to create this dress so I had no other options - so the dress had to be finished!

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few more :) Featured is Jason, my 3rd year clinical rotation buddy who just matched into UROLOGY!, the ballroom in the newly renovated Hotel Syracuse, and Ali (she and her husband are our Arctic Blast buddies!) 

Even though there weren't that many fourth years there, it was very fun to dance the night away with them and catch up on all their interview travels! I'm sure match day and graduation will come (too) soon :) 

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