Sewing Recap for 2016 and Looking Forward!

2016 was a busy year for sewing! I dove into apparel sewing and added zipper pouches, key fobs, pillow cases, and more to my repertoire :) Not everything was a success (I still have yet to successfully install a functional zipper into clothing...there was a dress that Marissa deemed a pilgrim dress....more than once the button hole-er on my sewing machine failed me...) but for the most part, I would say I came out ahead in good projects versus "failed" projects (which really means the fabric got repurposed into a different project). Below are some highlights, as well as what to expect in 2017!

Most kid-approved project: Made for Mermaids Mermaid Tail
Our niece Alayna does not always like the clothes I make her. I now realize how ungrateful I was when I did not want to wear the hand-knit sweaters our great aunt made us. But I thought she might enjoy this sleeping bag mermaid tail, especially if I made a matching one for her doll (modeled by the moose). Uncle Kyle tried it on, but it didn't make it past his thighs....

Most husband-approved project: Finalyson Sweater by Thread Theory
My first item of menswear that wasn't PJ pants! I had doubts on how well this was going to turn out, but it turned out fantastic. I even made my Dad one for Christmas too! The majority of the sewing world is geared towards women, but Thread Theory makes a lot of fashion forward patterns for men :) Downside: mens' clothes take up a lottttt of fabric. 

Most adventurous project: Starting Osews
I can't believe we actually launched this little shop this fall - I always wondered if I could actually sell some of the things I made, so that I could buy more fabric ;) This venture was surprisingly a lot of work, despite only selling one product in two colors. Figuring out how to do pricing, setting up the website's store capabilities, shipping, etc. - my respect for ladies who run full time Etsy shops has only grown by leaps and bounds through this adventure!

Most beloved fabric: Riflepaper Fabric!
I'm sure most of you (unless you're a college-age-ish girl or southern lady) had no idea what Riflepaper was until I kept using the hashtag #riflepapercofabric on all my projects... Well, they're a company that makes some beautiful stuff in their signature prints, and this year, they made a fabric line which means I could make my own beautiful stuff in their signature prints! Anything and everything from pillow cases to zippy pouches to key fobs to scarves and tote bags were created. There will be many more things to come out of this fabric on 2017, I'm sure :)


So what's coming in 2017? Well, until July 1st, my sewing hobbies will persist! ;) After that, I bet things will slow down since I will be living in the hospital, but I hope to keep up with my love of sewing and all other crafts. To encourage myself to share more about my projects (successes and failures), I hope to start a series of blog posts on Mondays called "Made it Mondays" so stay tuned :) Thanks for reading!! And for all of your encouragement throughout this year! Below is a gallery of some other favorite projects :)