Made it Monday

For my first Made it Monday post, I will be featuring my #riflepapercofabric tote bag that I made to carry my iceskates as well as my soakers for my ice skates! This Christmas Kyle got me skating lessons (so I could relive my 3rd grade dream of being Michelle Kwan...) and though I am surrounded by small children (okay some are bigger than me) who skate significantly better, it's still a lot of fun. 

The tote bag measurements were roughly based off my beloved Longchamp bag, since I needed a wide enough bottom to fit the ice skates. Otherwise, I made it in the same fashion that I make all of my tote bags, squaring the bottoms and inserting a liner. I was trying to be resourceful and actually used an airplane blanket I took with me from sitting in Delta first class on our flight home from Atlanta... :) 

The skating soakers were based off a rough idea in my mind of how to create them (rectangle with elastic at the top) and I googled some directions and just winged it in the end! I wanted them to be absorbent and sturdy so I wouldn't poke holes in my precious tote bag ;) I ended up using scraps from my Raspberry Creek Fabric french terry that I used on a quite a few projects last year. I knew that saving those minuscule pieces could come in handy! (this fabric hoarding mindset is not good for my fabric stash though...) 

Maybe once I gain some more iceskating skillz, there will be videos of said skillz. Until then, you can just have a picture of my tote and skates with their spiffy soakers :)