The Match: We're going to the University of Michigan!

I (Olivia) am still a little bit dazed after yesterday! It was a flurry of emotions and I was a bundle of nerves leading up to the actual hour of match day. It probably didn't help that between Kyle and me, we had several match day dreams that involved four different programs on the list... 

Pre finding out our residency program matches! 

I explained the matching process to Kyle a long time ago, and ever since, he thought it would be genius if when I matched, I made a video like high school recruits committing to a college for football... Well, I had to indulge him, and so we decided to get a few hats for some of the various programs that I had applied to so I could pull out and wear the right one once I found out where I matched! 

It was surreal to open up the envelope and realize that it was where we had chosen to rank first, even down to the continuity clinic (Ypsilanti)! 

At this point in the post, I'd like to give a shout out to Kyle: This guy willingly moved to Syracuse for 4 years, staying in Upstate NY longer than he ever thought he would. And then he endured the wild ride through medical school, being an encourager, a practice patient, and much needed dose of reality when I got sucked into the world revolving around me becoming a doctor. He even drove me all the way to Ann Arbor when all my flights got canceled so I could interview at U of M - a school he loves so much that people think he went there (he did not lol).

The interview season is technically "all about you," finding what "program fits you best," and why you'd be an excellent candidate for a program, but I kept finding myself saying "we" when explaining why I was interested in different programs and locations. This process has not just been about me, but about the both of us, and I am so thankful that we are a team. 

We're headed to the place that's been Kyle's dream for so long that it eventually became my dream too! (#marriage?) Seriously, the program is awesome for family medicine (and integrative medicine!) and though many people have asked me if I actually want to go there or if it's just Kyle, it's true, I am equally excited to go but for other reasons than Kyle (*cough* sports, Jim Harbaugh, and more legitimately family in close proximity, haha!!)

And it's really funny and ironically similar to how I even was able to go to medical school. So many things happened (not initially getting an interview, getting wait-listed, all transportation going wrong to get to my interview) that made me feel like going to U of M wouldn't happen - but God opened a lot of doors and I know that it's by His grace that we have this opportunity! 

We're not leaving Syracuse yet though! And we are very thankful to spend the next few months with our community here in Upstate NY :) So thank you friends and family near and far for your support for the past 4 (really 8) years - your friendship means so much to us! 

That's all for now, #goblue! 

Match Day Happiness! 

P.S. - if you like medical school music parodies, our class made one!