Catching Up

It has been a while since we last posted! Sitting here in our new apartment in Ann Arbor, it is hard to believe that just two months ago we were in coming back from our (almost) comprehensive tour of California. Two graduations, an engagement, a lot of packing, a long-distance move, a lot of unpacking, and a new job later, we have finally found a minute to settle in.

Celebrations Galore

The end of May was an exciting time for our family! Olivia's graduation took center stage, as both sets of parents plus sisters and grandparents voyaged up to Syracuse to celebrate an event a long four (plus 16) years in the making. It has taken time to sink in, but Olivia is finally Dr. Yost (although remembering to say this to patients will take a while...)!

All of the medical school festivities were only the start to the busy week. A few days later, we celebrated the engagement of Marissa and Alan in Ithaca with lots of family and friends! A few days later we went back down to Ithaca to watch Sammy graduate, making it our third Cornell Commencement experience in five years! It was sad knowing that we won't be able to visit Cornell so easily anymore - so we took this photo on our way out of town. 


Saying Goodbye

Once our busy week of celebrations subsided, we quickly turned to the task of packing up our apartment. Many (MANY) boxes and rolls of packing tape helped us close our home of three years. It was sad to say goodbye to our friends from church, school, and work and we fit in as many lunches and dinners as we could. We also went to Wegmans a bunch of times knowing it would be a while before we could visit again. Syracuse was the first place we lived together as a married couple and will always be home to so many memories.

We are so thankful for the Blackmans' early morning help as we moved out!! 

We loaded up a moving truck and our two cars with all of our things, and Kyle's dad flew out to help us caravan from New York to Michigan. The move went pretty smoothly, and in about 48 hours we had everything loaded, driven across four states, and unloaded!

The Working World

The highly attractive and intelligent family medicine interns! 

The highly attractive and intelligent family medicine interns! 

Moving to Michigan has been a big change, but even bigger is Olivia's first real job as a family medicine resident! July is filled with certifications, trainings, simulations, and lectures - but also an abundance of outpatient clinic to get used to the flow of the office. She will officially start her hospital rotations in August. 

Kyle was able to stay at EY and transfer to the Detroit office. Thankfully, he has spent most of the past two months working from home, making the move much easier. Travels are likely to come, but this little stretch has been a nice break for both of us :)

We only took 3 baby sprouts with us - hopefully we can start up another round of spider plants to give out :) 

We only took 3 baby sprouts with us - hopefully we can start up another round of spider plants to give out :) 

A New Home

After tons of unpacking, trips to Home Depot and Ikea, and purchases from Amazon, our apartment has finally begun to feel like home. We are very thankful to have a little more space than our old apartment, including a washer and dryer in the basement (this is seriously the best part)!

Something new for us is a small garden outside our front door! The previous tenants did not tend to it very often (aside from leaving us a healthy amount of weeds) so we wanted to clean it up and start something of our own. Digging and uprooting led way to a new batch of soil and mulch, along with a few different plants and flowers. Hopefully there will be some pictures to come as they grow!

Leaving Syracuse was bittersweet, but we are excited for our next chapter. We look forward to exploring Ann Arbor (and remembering to document it here!) :)