Made it Monday #5: THE QUILT IS DONE

I wrote about the hand stitched Haptic Lab Chicago Quilt back in January 2017 when I was still stitching away....well fast forward to the real deadline of Marissa and Alan's wedding in May, and I knew I wanted to try and finish it for her bridal shower! It did take a long time to make - but then again, I was new to hand quilting/embroidery, and the last step of the project, the quilt binding. I also worked in spurts and was more motivated to finish it at various times - It definitely was a great fourth year of medical school project ;) not the best one to have looming overhead though in residency! 

...but all that to say, it's done! and it's been given away! Kyle and I visited Chicago this past weekend for Marissa's shower - It was a fun tea party at The Allis with many of her friends from Chicago and family, and I got to give away the quilt, finally! 


Here are some photos of it, in all its glory :P Close up photos to see the details as well!

2018-03-25 09.57.45.jpg
2018-03-25 10.02.29.jpg

Thanks everyone who's been on this quilt journey with me from Syracuse to Michigan :) It's been many a TV episode or Michigan/Tigers/Lions/Redwings/Pistons game on the couch with Kyle, but now this quilt lives in Marissa and Alans' new home! 

Onto the next one... :) 

- Olivia