A summer of weddings

This week we entered into our fifth year of marriage! The first four years have been filled with tons of great memories and experiences, and our blog has been a fun place for us to look back at everything we've done together.

Celebrating our anniversary with a fancy dinner. 

Celebrating our anniversary with a fancy dinner. 

Coincidentally, our blog actually began as our wedding website -- you know, the kind with directions, registries, and pictures of the bridal party. We thought it would be cool to convert it into a family blog after the wedding, and even though we haven't posted as much as we had planned, maybe now is a good time to get back into it!

Speaking of weddings, this summer is a packed one for us, with a handful of close friends and family all getting married this year. We started our voyage with a quick trip to Maryland to celebrate with Olivia's friend from med school. Though we only spent a few days in the area for the wedding, it was nice to catch up with friends from Syracuse that we hadn't seen since moving.

The next week we traveled down to Chicago for Olivia's sister Marissa's wedding. It was a lot of fun celebrating with friends from college and tons of family, and it was the perfect weekend (minus the heat)! We really enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to finally welcome Marissa's husband Alan into the family!

A month later, Kyle returned to Chicagoland for his good friend Mike's wedding. Kyle doesn't get to hang out with his close college buddies too often anymore, so it was a great time catching up and celebrating with them. It was somehow even hotter than Marissa's wedding but totally worth it!

While wedding trips are a lot of fun, the rest of the summer has felt pretty busy. Olivia is now officially a second-year resident (!) which supposedly means a slightly better schedule compared to intern year. However, July has started with two weeks of the night shift and also two weeks of illness, making for a pretty rough start to the year :(

Kyle has been at his new job for six months now and we're both happy to be done with consulting travel. Nothing too exciting to report about the work itself, although he did get to make a trip down to Cleveland for an NBA Finals game before his ex-coworker LeBron decided to move to California. It's always hard to say goodbye!

We'll try to be better with blogging going forward. Tune in next time to hear about some trips Up North, yet another wedding, and more!