Made it Monday #6

This little lamb was a long time in the making! I started this back in August when I went up to Ludington, MI for a mini-vacation, but it wasn’t completed until Christmas Eve. (Another reason why I needed that art print from the last post that said “Done is better than perfect.”)

Back in college, I was super into crocheting stuffed animals. I would share a link to an album from college winter break 2010 that contains a bunch of photos of things I made, but the rest of the non-crafting photos are just too embarrassing, so I’ll refrain from doing so…

It’s been a while since I crocheted a full stuffed animal, so when I saw some of lalylaland’s patterns, I couldn’t resist trying something new.


Like all of my adventures in crafting, it’s rare that everything goes exactly as planned. Somehow the head of this little lamb ended up ginormous - definitely bigger than it was supposed to be - which I’m not sure how it happened - but per usual, I made adjustments and just winged it in order to finish.


Overall, I was really impressed by the intricacies of the pattern (not just mindless circle crocheting like most Amigurumi patterns) and even though this didn’t come out exactly as intended, I think it’s still pretty cute :)