Made it Monday

For my first Made it Monday post, I will be featuring my #riflepapercofabric tote bag that I made to carry my iceskates as well as my soakers for my ice skates! This Christmas Kyle got me skating lessons (so I could relive my 3rd grade dream of being Michelle Kwan...) and though I am surrounded by small children (okay some are bigger than me) who skate significantly better, it's still a lot of fun. 

The tote bag measurements were roughly based off my beloved Longchamp bag, since I needed a wide enough bottom to fit the ice skates. Otherwise, I made it in the same fashion that I make all of my tote bags, squaring the bottoms and inserting a liner. I was trying to be resourceful and actually used an airplane blanket I took with me from sitting in Delta first class on our flight home from Atlanta... :) 

The skating soakers were based off a rough idea in my mind of how to create them (rectangle with elastic at the top) and I googled some directions and just winged it in the end! I wanted them to be absorbent and sturdy so I wouldn't poke holes in my precious tote bag ;) I ended up using scraps from my Raspberry Creek Fabric french terry that I used on a quite a few projects last year. I knew that saving those minuscule pieces could come in handy! (this fabric hoarding mindset is not good for my fabric stash though...) 

Maybe once I gain some more iceskating skillz, there will be videos of said skillz. Until then, you can just have a picture of my tote and skates with their spiffy soakers :) 



Blog Updates

Hello friends and family!

After our many travels, it has been nice to be in Syracuse for the past four weeks with me (Olivia) completing my radiology elective and Kyle traveling locally for work. It's been a big waiting game of applying to residencies, waiting to hear back for invitations to interview, and scheduling a lot of travel in the next coming months. 

In the meantime, I've decided to also embark on a mini adventure: the O Sews shop! Similar to a pop up shop, I'm not committing to a forever business, but just for this season of life :) And although I enjoy sewing many projects as you've seen and read about here, I'm only going to be selling Key Fobs for now. I've always thought about doing something like this, but never took the leap! 

Kyle and I had a debate over what a key fob was - but when you plug it into google images, both his idea and my idea of a key fob pop up, so I guess we're both right ;) These make great little gifts for anyone that loves rifle paper stuff, people who lose their keys in their purses, bridesmaids, sisters, friends, moms, aunts, etc.! Sorry - no manly version yet ;) The peach color (google "les fleurs rosa peach") will be coming in the future! 

If you live in Syracuse, or are going to see me while I'm on the interview trail, or you'll see my parents (Atlanta), let me know and you can purchase in person or venmo for the local pick up price :) 

Last but not least, we changed up the blog navigation so that things are neater and easier to find! You can now click on the link under "K Writes" to see all of the articles Kyle has been writing for three SB Nation blogs: Maize n Brew (U of M), Pride of Detroit (The Lions), and Bless You Boys (The Tigers). 

Let us know what you think! :) 


Fun Owl Fabric - DIY Pillowcases

Nowadays, instead of being interested in buying clothes online, I'm more interested in buying fabric! Like any online shopping, it can be tricky not being able to touch all of the fabric or not seeing the true colors, but it's always a fun surprise when it comes in the mail! 

I used to (okay, I still do) like owls, because my previous initials were OWL - so when I saw this Dear Stella fabric on Raspberry Creek, I knew I needed to make this into a project! Being a young adult, it's not really acceptable to wear this print in clothing... so I made them into pillowcases for our home. 

Coordinating fabric (Cotton and Steel) came from our local quilting shop, Calico Gals. 

Coordinating fabric (Cotton and Steel) came from our local quilting shop, Calico Gals. 

I used this free pattern and found it to be very doable. The hardest part actually was ironing all of the fabric after I pre-shrunk it in the wash (so wrinkly!) and cutting the fabric to the specified sizes. Not having a giant cutting mat, cutting big rectangles accurately is my least favorite thing. Fortunately, this pattern is forgiving, so it was all ok in the end! 

Actually, Kyle let me get this fabric for pillowcases not because the owls are adorable but because they conveniently matched some of his favorite sport's teams colors...  ;) 

If I did it all over again, I would make sure I bought enough main fabric so that the owls could be oriented upright, but I guess they're resting too ;) 

Thanks for reading! :)  


Self Drafted Maxi Skirt

I've been thinking about my upcoming missions trip to Nicaragua, and how for church, a below the knee skirt is advised. I don't have many of those and of the ones I do own, they're not ideal for hot and humid weather! 

I found this fabric at Joann Fabrics during their Christmas in July coupon frenzy (so many emails. so many coupons.) - and was happy about the price! Usually making maxi skirts (or dresses) is expensive since it gobbles up fabric. The nice thing about making your own clothes is that if you're small, it actually translates to cheaper clothes! I used 1.5" wide elastic, and fabric that was 54" wide (the width that the fabric came in) and the length was my waist to the floor. 

Sammy was here this week taking her OAT (the MCAT of optometry)! She helped take photos/modeled with me :) 

Kyle looked pretty spiffy that day, so we let him join in on the photos 

We're really cool. 

We're really cool. 

I'm looking forward to spraying this skirt down in permethrin ;) and wearing it in Nicaragua! 

P.S. in case you wanted to see the many sewing projects I've completed (not all have made it to this page yet), click here