Home Happenings

Latest update: Kyle finished up working in the Boston area for the last 5 weeks and had the joys of visiting friends in Boston (shout out to you, Geoff Tam!) and survived all the snow that derailed his flights. Olivia finished her Family Medicine rotation which she loved and within 1 week of starting the rotation, it squashed her idea of being a pediatrician. Kyle is now working in Corning, NY and we are thankful it's only a 2 hour drive away- no flight delays!! Olivia is starting her OBGYN rotation, and will be busy learning about gynecologic surgeries, well women exams, and delivering babies for the next 5 weeks! This is her 2nd to last rotation of third year! WE ARE ALMOST THERE! 

To get in the spirit of Valentine's day, or maybe a little bit of Chinese New Year too, Olivia took down the Christmas lights and made a felt garland using Dana's tutorial for some fun pops of color. 

Next you'll see some photos of our plants. Christmas break took a toll on some of our plants (who knew you could actually kill succulents.....Olivia can!) so after an informative phone call with Marissa's boyfriend Alan (the plant guru) we tried to salvage the remaining succulents and replant our massive spider plant, and then plant some of the baby spider plant stalks as well! We are so excited about these baby spider plants, and if all goes well, we will have more to give away in the near future :) We will only guarantee their health though for 1 week ;) 

Last: thank you for the many Christmas cards! We loved hearing from so many of you and are thankful that you are a part of our lives :)