Thrifty Thursday? Transformation Thursday?

This probably falls under "Made it Monday" - but this post wasn't ready on Monday, nor was it ready for Transformation Tuesday, so it's getting shared today since I work a later shift in the Peds ED :) 

As I get used to seeing the maize and blue M everywhere throughout the hospital and all of the Michigan-ified hospital slogans... (Cancer needs Victors! Depression needs Victors! Research needs Victors!)... Kyle and I have made several trips to the M Den to increase our closet of Michigan stuff, because you can never have enough Michigan stuff, right? 

They had these really adorable dresses that were tastefully maize and blue, but they didn't get any smaller than a small - so I figured I would have to make my own if I wanted a spirited dress. However, my sewing time has been more limited these days, so I didn't want to start anything crazy ambitious (I still have enough ongoing crazy ambitious projects...). 

Fortunately, because the school has switched brands, there was an entire rack of adidas things on major clearance! And there happened to be loads of 2XL basketball jerseys just waiting for someone to buy them, which got me thinking about how I could turn one into a dress. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought:

This is the before photo. 2XL shirt seems to be the right length of dress for me ;) 

This is the before photo. 2XL shirt seems to be the right length of dress for me ;) 

I remembered to grab an in process photo

I remembered to grab an in process photo

Modifications: It was pretty simple to turn the jersey into a dress - it involved trying it on, pinning down the sides, carefully taking off the dress with all of the pins in it, cutting off the excess and using the cut off piece as a template to take off the same amount on the other side. I left all of the bottom hems, neck band, and sleeves in tact. I contemplated changing up the shoulder sleeves to make them thinner, but they almost looked like flutter sleeves, so I left them as is and serged up the sides! and Voila! A dress:

Kyle has informed me that this basketball jersey/number is that of Glenn Robinson III (he now plays for the Indiana Pacers, you might have seen him win the 2017 Dunk Contest) - I'm sure he'd be thrilled that there's potential to make a line of women's dresses out of his college basketball jerseys. 

Photo source:

So that's all! A quick and easy fix to turn a 2XL basketball jersey into a dress for a very petite lady :) 


who wore it best? just kidding. 

who wore it best? just kidding. 

Made it Monday #4: The Map of Chicago Quilt

This is more of a "making it" Monday post because this quilt, despite working on it since Thanksgiving, is going to be finished maybe in 10 years. Just kidding! I really loved looking at other quilter's blog posts on these map quilts from Haptic Lab and getting inspiration for this giant project, so I thought I would share my progress, and hopefully inspire others to just go for it if they're on the fence about this type of project! 

Basically, I set out to quilt every street in Chicago for my dear sister, you know, in case she got lost or something ;) Hand quilting has been quite the challenge and a new skill for me to learn. I probably should have stuck with Suzy's miniquilt series, but of course I decided to start with the giant map. On a side note, this is typically how I approach a lot of crafts/things in life. Just go for the difficult, giant, crazy project and figure out how to do it along the way....Ahem I'm looking at you, stuffed Totoro Crochet project that I made despite having minimal to no crochet skills at this time!

A lot of progress has been made from this photo:

Safety pinning the map template to the fabric and batting sandwich! 

Safety pinning the map template to the fabric and batting sandwich! 

And here you can see a close up of what I'm doing: 


And now what it looks like: 

For reference, this is approximately 36" x 42"

For reference, this is approximately 36" x 42"

Once I've hand quilted all of the streets, added the rivers in and other major lines, you have to carefully tear away all of the stabilizer paper that had the map printed on it! And then comes personalizing it and adding in landmarks! I'm eagerly awaiting that day, although I still have a long ways to go. I feel tired just looking at this post -__-

Maybe on "Made it Monday #200" I'll finally have the final product available ;) 

thanks for reading :) 

Made it Monday #3: Arctic Blast Edition

I'm on a roll in remembering to blog on Mondays :) Today's feature is the dress I made for my school's semi-formal event, also known as "Arctic Blast" (I must say, it sounds like it's a tenth grade dance...) 

I usually don't make fancy dresses and opt to purchase them instead, but figured why not give it a try for my last Arctic Blast?? I also got this cool fabric in Georgia at only $5/yard, so I figured if it was a total disaster, I'd repurpose the fabric ;) and make something else. 

I present: the one shoulder ruffle dress! Based on the Uptown Downtown Dress, and some self drafting and finagling to get the ruffle/one shoulder look: 

This dress was definitely a struggle to make - the sewing machine ate the fabric several times, it was too floppy, the first ruffle was all wrong - but Kyle is a good encourager/I waited until the last minute to create this dress so I had no other options - so the dress had to be finished!

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few more :) Featured is Jason, my 3rd year clinical rotation buddy who just matched into UROLOGY!, the ballroom in the newly renovated Hotel Syracuse, and Ali (she and her husband are our Arctic Blast buddies!) 

Even though there weren't that many fourth years there, it was very fun to dance the night away with them and catch up on all their interview travels! I'm sure match day and graduation will come (too) soon :) 

Thanks for reading! Check out the other Made it Mondays

Made it Monday #2

A rare accomplishment: using a piece of fabric in its entirety! This is typically not feasible because when you cut out pieces for clothes, there will always be scraps, or there will always be edges that are not usable. However, for this one piece of #riflepapercofabric I happily used every piece on my ice skating tote bag and today's featured project: a roll up pen case! (aka roll up tombow brush pen case!) 

This one was also a combination of googling roll up pencil cases, and winging it :) I chose to use elastic to hold the markers, but did not go so far to create premade loops because that would've been quite the headache making that under the sewing machine. I just made sure that with the given amount of elastic per pen, that I would be able to slide the marker in without busting the seams. 

Overall, I"m pretty pleased with this project. The plastic set cases the markers come in don't open and close very well, as the plastic is easily deformed. Additionally, I had an extra pen or two that I bought separately from the sets, so those always felt lonely not having a case to belong to! Now I have a pretty roll for my pens to call home! 

Thanks for reading :)