Olivia has always loved crafts - crocheting, knitting, modern calligraphy - you name it! She jokes that her myriad of interests in the crafting world was an indicator that she would someday become a family physician ;) Armed with her mom's old sewing machine, Joann Fabrics coupons, and online tutorials, she jumped into sewing full force! See a bunch of projects she's made here.

As a medical student and and now resident, it can be tough to do the hobbies you love! During fourth year of medical Olivia decided to embark on a mini stint in entrepreneurship and open her own shop. This endeavor is less active now given her schedule as a resident, but she is still happiest when making things for other people. 

Questions? Have a small project you want to help with? (I don't do alterations though - just creating stuff :D ) Contact me below or email me at osews.owner@gmail.com! 

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